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For many of us, we spend up to a third of our lives at work. That is a lot of our precious and limited time. More often than not, our experiences at work could be better. 

We believe work can be a transformational experience. 

One that fosters co-creation, connection, learning, collaboration, transformation and impact. Where people are able to fulfill their potential and show up with clarity, confidence, hope, joy and mutual respect for our shared humanity. 

We each have the opportunity to help make this a reality for ourselves and for others.

The way we are working isn't working

There are common challenges we hear over and over in today’s workplaces. 


People feeling a lack of trust and autonomy at work​​ because of miscommunication and office politics


People feeling frustrated because roles and responsibilities on the team or in the business are unclear


People are struggling to make progress on goals and initiatives because meetings feel unproductive or lack direction


People wanting to help create better experiences at work but feel unsure how to do it and if they are allowed to take action

Leaders are saying they want more initiative from their teams.

Where do we go from here?

Building a Thriving Workplace Culture

These are clear symptoms of a root problem that often gets overlooked: a workplace culture that needs improving. 

We want to help leaders address the root of the problem, not just relieve the symptoms. There’s an effective and proven way to transform a culture from one that isn’t working to one where the people and the business are thriving together. 

And you can learn the knowledge, tools and skills to do it. That’s why CoCreate Work x Akimbo created the Culture Crash Course

The Culture Crash Course is a live, two-week virtual experience to demystify and understand the essentials of what culture is, how it works, and how you can start to improve experiences at work right now, for yourself and others.

is culture just a buzzword?

Our Approach

There are plenty of articles and resources that talk about culture at work and shaping the future of work. And you’ve likely heard the Peter Drucker quote saying: “culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

There’s no question culture is critical.

Culture includes the often-invisible systems that influence our day-to-day experiences and how people work together.

What is missing from the conversation about culture is how it works and what specifically to do to build it, shape it and change it. Culture feels like a buzzword because while there is much talk about it, there isn’t a matching level of action that is fundamentally making our collective work experiences better.

We believe culture is the strategy…

Let’s start doing something about it

Creating great places to work starts with seeing what the current culture is and learning about the power you have to influence and change it.

The Culture Crash Course teaches you key foundations about work culture. We've distilled the most essential information to build your understanding quickly. You'll gain practical tools to start effectively assessing work culture and ways to prompt action around what's working and not working to begin affecting change right away.

What is culture? What’s the culture you’re in? Together with others
Explore the foundational elements that make up every culture from shared language, behaviors and systems.
Identify and assess the characteristics of your culture and the spoken and unspoken agreements for how everyone works together.
Develop an action plan for leading change by beginning to discuss what’s working and not working about the culture you’re in and identify key changes to make together with others.

What others are saying:


Anyone who is tired of just talking about culture and is ready to take action to start improving culture at work.

La’Kita Williams is the founder of CoCreate Work. She has over 18 years of diverse experience ranging from corporate sales and training to talent management and organizational development. She specializes in taking a systems approach and works to connect systemic efforts to the individual outcomes at each level of the organization.
As a certified professional coach and trained Master’s level Social Worker, she has worked with small businesses, organizations, founders, and CEOs to strategically plan and design company culture, lead change, and enhance team experience. La’Kita has been quoted in the New York Times and written for Harvard Business Review.
La'Kita Williams
CEO CoCreate Work
Chloe is CoCreate Work’s Managing Partner and specializes in leadership, cross-cultural communications, and team building. Chloe’s practical approach to leadership development began during her nearly seven years at Citigroup where she served as a Senior HR Advisor to business leaders across the globe.
Through her authentic approach to coaching, Chloe is able to help leaders get real with and build trust within themselves and their teams, partners, and clients leading to better performance and results. Chloe uses a combination of tools and assessments to provide the right level of support for each leader or team.
Chloe Andersen
Managing Partner CoCreate Work
Marie is Akimbo’s CEO and has designed and run more than 100+ workshops, courses and trainings. Both online and in-person experiences ranging from a few hours to 200 days long and serving 25,000+ students across 90 countries.
Her background in architecture, community building and alternative education offers a unique approach to creating dynamic and impactful work experiences that are community-based, peer to peer driven.
Marie Schacht
CEO Akimbo
cocreate work x akimbo

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One time payment includes:


How it works

  • The Culture Crash Course is two weeks long and it happens 100% online and the majority of the work takes place asynchronously and on your own schedule during the work week, Monday – Friday. The upcoming cohort runs from Monday, April 29th to Friday, May 10th, 2024.
  • There are 4 lessons and 1 final small project you’ll complete during the two weeks. Lessons for the week are released on Mondays, so you can review them at your own pace.
  • You’ll engage with a lesson and share your response by a recommended deadline and get feedback directly from the instructors and the community. You’ll also read and share your feedback on other people’s work.
  • There are two live discussions each week. Monday and Wednesday of week one and Monday and Friday of week two. All calls are recorded, even if you can’t make it live!
  • We recommend having 1.5 to 2 hours a day or 15 to 20 hours in total over the two weeks to get the most out of the Culture Crash Course.  

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