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You are not like other businesses. You are proud that you are building a purpose-driven company that is both high performing and innovative. You care, and you know that your mission is the pathway to success.

You’re building something with impact, but the combination of purpose + growth is hard!

If you’re leading an emerging company, you are focused on building everything – and wondering how to make time to focus on building your company culture, including your diversity and inclusion initiatives while keeping your eye solidly on the bottom line. Have you experienced diversity and inclusion workshops or trainings that have been thought provoking or engaging, but left you with no real plan or skills on how to build a diverse and innovative team? Further, have you tried to implement these resources only to find that your company culture does not support the changes and not everyone feels included?

Or perhaps you have been in business for awhile and starting to feel the struggles of team conflict. Your team may be overworked and burned out. Are you feeling the draining effects of over-managing and micromanaging? And secretly: do you not know how to effectively invest in all your team members, regardless of ethnicity and gender?


Here’s the secret:

Your diversity and inclusion strategy will not be successful if
you do not design your culture and systems to support it.

We help you build company culture at the intersection of purpose, diversity, inclusion and growth.


Using our unique-to-you, interactive Empowerment Model, we help you outline and implement a strategy that is clear and scaleable. You and your team will learn specific diversity and inclusion strategies AND effective tools for building a company culture that is aligned, effective, and a place where people are excited to work.

“La’Kita completely changed how our company operates. We are backed by a unified set of values and a culture that we designed from the ground up. Our experience with her impacted every level of leadership, helping us develop a well-defined, custom pathway towards success.”


Mel Carson, Delightful Communications

Full Package: Design and Implementation

  • 2 Day Workshop where we build your company culture, diversity and inclusion plan in partnership with your team.

  • Implementation support for four months following the design workshop.

  • On-Demand troubleshooting with our team.


Starter Package: Design and Light Implementation

  • 1 Day Workshop where we build your company culture, diversity and inclusion plan in partnership with your team.

  • Limited implementation support for 30 days following the workshop.

We are taking a limited number of clients in 2019. Schedule a free consultation to get on our roster.

“I had the good fortune to work with Nikki, and walked away so impressed that I would recommend her to anyone looking for help tackling diversity, equity, and inclusion issues within their organization. Part of Nikki’s brilliance is her understanding that organizational culture and program strategies can’t be isolated. You have to tackle both, and she is absolutely capable of doing so. I would (and regularly do) recommend her to anyone hoping to take on this sort of work, whether in the NGO world, government, or the private sector.”


Jacob Smith, Cedar Creek Strategies


Nikki Headshot

La’Kita and Nikki are founders with a passion for systems, purpose-driven companies, and ensuring inclusion for all.


La’Kita Williams is the Founder of CoCreate Work, a consultancy helping business owners build companies that people want to work with. She has over 10 years of diverse experience ranging from corporate sales and training to her most recent role working on organizational development with


Nikki Silvestri is the Founder and CEO of Soil and Shadow, a nationally recognized thought leader in environmentalism, and one of The Root’s 100 Most Influential African Americans.

If you’d like to get to know us better, see how we work, and learn a bit more about diversity and inclusion (while having fun!) check out our recent Facebook Live. Or Join us for weekly Diversity and Inclusion “Tea and Talk” Q&A’s on Wednesday mornings at 10:15am until April 3rd.

Let's co-create a great workplace for you and your team!

Your company culture is your strategic advantage. 



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