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"I HIGHLY RECCOMEND taking La'Kita's course...It's FANTASTIC and changed the game for us."

- Meri Cherry of Meri Cherry Studios

Hiring VIP Strategy Session

Is now the right time to hire your dream team? At CoCreate Work, we know that hiring the right people, in the right roles, at the right time is critical to the success of your business. We have helped our clients build teams that have increased client success, innovation, significant financial growth, connection, and joy in their businesses.

Work directly with La’Kita for your VIP Hiring Strategy Session.

In this session we will walk you through the step by step process we use with our culture clients to build your hiring strategy including: how to set up your end to end process using our proprietary tools & templates, identifying your hiring philosophy, attracting your team, and our research based recommendations and steps for onboarding. We will spend our time together to combine both the strategy and execute the tactical items. In addition, we will work through all of the mindset challenges that come up when growing your team or if you are new to leadership. Following the session you will have access to La’Kita for questions and recommendations via Voxer or email for 30 days following the session. We are about building sustainable results for you, your business, and team.

Investment - $2,000

Leadership VIP Session

We believe that every founder has the ability to be a great leader. You have a strong vision and you know how to create new things in the world. However, you may find that leading a team (no matter the size), and communicating a vision is a new skill that will take your business to the next level of success. At CoCreate Work we know that becoming a great leader is a skill that can be developed.

Work with La’Kita directly for your VIP Leadership Session. Prior to your VIP Day you will complete two assessments that provide more insight into your specific strenghts, leadership style, and approach.

During the session we will build your strategy for: setting and communicating a strategic vision for the company, planning with your team, how to coach your team – including providing feedback, supporting growth, and having difficult conversations. You will leave with tools and resources including a list of reccomended steps for continued leadership development and access to La’Kita for problem solving and recommendations via Voxer or email for 30 days following the session. Your leadership is one of the most important and urgent skills for you to develop.

Investment - $3,000

“Our experience with CoCreate Work impacted every level of leadership, helping us develop a well-defined, custom pathway towards success.”

-Mel C.

"La’Kita is the essential partner I didn’t know I needed. She brings immense expertise and unmatched credentials…she shepherded us expertly through the work of building systems and guides that hold us accountable to being all we hope to be.”

-Martha S. of The Key PR

Culture Strategy VIP Session

At CoCreate Work, we help leaders build companies of the future. If you are looking for a comprehensive strategy for defining and building your culture and how you want to operate as a business – this session is for you. You may be wondering if you are ready for culture strategy and design right now, and the answer is – if you have a team and you are setting an intention to build an inclusive, high-performing company then culture is one of the best investments you can make. Our culture consulting clients increase their revenue, retain their teams, innovate more, and become best in industry employers and companies.

When you work with us for our Culture Strategy VIP Session you will spend 2.5 days working with La’Kita to clarify, define, and design your culture. We will identify 3-5 core areas of your company to develop and outline a strategy for implementation. In addition, you will learn our exclusive process for building culture, The 5 Components of Inclusive Culture. This strategy will continue to support your thinking as a leader and the growth of your company for years to come.

Based on the core areas we select you can expect to leave with tools and processes like: company principles, performance and development strategy, internal systems for hiring, inclusive policies like time off and parental leave as well as processes for effective meetings, measuring our internal effectiveness, client experience, or employee experience. Following the session you can expect to have have access to La’Kita for problem solving and recommendations via Voxer or email for 45 days following the session. Critical to our philosophy is that we seek to understand you and your vision and combine that with our years of experience and research to co-create with you.

Investment - $5,000

About CoCreate Work

Welcome! CoCreate Work is a future-focused culture consulting company where we know that the future of work can be vastly different then what we have done in the past.

I’m La’Kita the founder of CoCreate Work. As a work and culture strategist, I have over 15 years of diverse experience ranging from corporate sales and training to talent management and organizational development in tech. I developed our signature model, The 5 Components of Inclusive Culture, to provide a step by step framework for small businesses, startups, and emerging companies to build future focused workplaces. We have helped our clients consistently retain their teams, increase their annual earnings year after year, and build human-centered workplaces of the future.

We have been quoted in the New York Times and HelloGiggles, and appeared on podcasts like Doing Good Business, Apoplectic, and Moms You Meet.

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VIP Strategy & Execution Days with La'Kita

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