Leadership Coaching for Founders & Teams

As your business grows, so does your evolution as a leader.

We work with founders and leadership teams to accelerate their personal and leadership development through 1:1 coaching, strategy, strength focused assessments, and research-based recommendations on leadership effectiveness.

We use a coaching model for learning – which means we seek to know you personally and help you uncover the leader you want to be, while communicating your vision. 

During our partnerships leaders just like you have grown their teams, communicated a clear purpose and vision that inspired their teams, retained great talent, and built companies with joy, excitement, and growth. We are there to hold you accountable to the leader you want to be. 

Yes, coaching is for you!

More Team Efficiency

  •  Are you looking to work together more effectively as a leadership or founding team?
  •  Do you want to increase your leadership capacity and scale the capability of your team?
  •  Are you looking to help your team operate more independently?
  • Do you want to clarify your specific leadership style, so you feel confident to grow?
Executive coaching helps businesses and teams of all sizes meet their full potential.
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“Regained Confidence & connection w/ team"

Working with La’Kita felt supportive. I felt understood and acknowledged for my efforts while still being challenged to improve. I have become a much better people manager. I’ve regained confidence and connection with my team.