Culture Consulting


Culture Consulting

We help growing companies build a new model of work, unique to their culture and grounded in systems thinking, human-centered design, and research. We know that the leaders of the future like you want to build workplaces with intention.

Regardless if you are a digital entrepreneur, startup founder, or a small business owner, we help you build confidence in your leadership skills and create a culture that accelerates your ability to build your business your way.

If you imagine a company where you and your team can show up authentically, where ideas do not get stuck in meetings, and where your team can respond as entrepreneurs within your business – giving you time to grow the business and vision new ideas. You are in the right place.

  • Hire the right team for your mission
  • Build systems to support your growth
  • Prepare to lead as you scale your business

“Concrete steps to grow into what we wanted to be"

“La’Kita’s experience and guidance has given our company concrete steps to grow into what we want to be. I trust her honest feedback and also value what she offers me in our business mentorship discussions. She’s been able to listen to concerns and see a clear path through to internal progress.”

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