LaKita Williams Founder of CoCreate Work
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  • Build a New Model for Great Work
  • Cultivate Your Team for Impact & Growth


Yes, you can build, lead, & scale an amazing team that'll change your industry & community.

Hi! I’m La’Kita, founder and lead coach at CoCreate Work.

Here’s what I know – regardless of your experience, professional background, or if you have ever hired a single person. You can build a new model for what a great company can be.

I have an unshakable belief that businesses like yours will change how we work – for the better. Yet, I have worked with founders who considered closing their business or felt like they weren’t ready to grow due to lack of team alignment. But within a few weeks of working together, my clients have been able to release the overwhelm and feel excited as they continue to build their business.

Finally, they were able to visualize the business they imagined – one that would impact the world.

Building a strong team and working together effectively is the most important thing you can do to grow your business.

As a work and culture strategist, I have over 10 years of diverse experience ranging from corporate sales and training to talent management and organizational development. During my time at Amazon I helped to launch employee experience programs and provided coaching to leaders across the organization. As a certified professional coach and master’s level social worker, I know that leadership begins from within. This is why I work with you as a partner and a guide to build a culture that will grow with you.

Founders of small businesses and scaling companies are the new leaders of the future. They are ready to build their companies around strengths, inclusion, and intrapreneurship. I have helped clients in various industries do just that – leading these founders to experience rapid growth, improve team communication, and enjoy more flexibility and joy in their life and business.

If you are a purpose driven founder, we would love to work with you….

Here's How You Can Work With Us:

Our Signature Hiring Course

We offer courses with live coaching to support accelerated organizational development. Our signature hiring course is coming in late October!

Are you ready to build the right team for your company with intention and ease? In this training you will develop an effective hiring strategy that we use with our consulting clients. When you sign up below, you will be one of the first notified when we open this training!

Our Coaching Programs

Do you want to lead your team with more confidence, authenticity, and clarity? Our leadership and team coaching will help you fully align with your vision for creating a dynamic work revolution.

Looking to partner more effectively as a team? We offer team coaching, leadership team development, mediated coaching, and effective meeting strategies.

Our Culture Consulting Partnerships

We help emerging businesses build a new model of work. One that is grounded in building effective systems and strategies, utilizing human centered research and design, and created with intention.

We work side-by-side with you to design an inclusive, highly effective company from the very beginning.

We help founders build great companies - for their teams & customers

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