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Define your Values • Build a Great Team • Work Together Effectively 

You are Building the future of work

We can help! The way we work is changing for the better. We partner with you to build your culture with purpose, using research-based strategies that support people and growth. 

Is it Time to Make a Change?

  • Do you want to hire the right people for your mission?
  • Want to understand what is frustrating your team?
  • Are you looking to work on your business instead of in the day-to-day?​
  • Are you looking for coaching to further accelerate your leadership?
  • Is it time to define and share company values?
  • Are you ready to build a company of the future?





We help your growing business build a new model of work, unique to your culture and grounded in systems thinking, human-centered design, and research.

Using a retrospective and individual discussions with you and your team we begin with a comprehensive assessment, gathering a deep understanding of your current culture. 

As we build with you, we start with purpose and shared agreements on working together. In partnership with you and your team, we define, test, and implement systems and processes to support your growing culture.


We work to deeply understand your business, helping you design your organization with intention, implementing systems and processes to support your success as you grow.

As your business grows, so does your evolution as a leader. We take a strengths-based approach to coaching. Using tools like the StrengthsFinder Assessment and Energy Leadership Index (ELI), we discuss your strengths and values, working with you to communicate your vision and lead your team.


Coming Soon!

During this 6-week live online course, we walk you through the effective strategies to build your team and culture.

We explain how to define and communicate your company mission and values from the beginning, identify new team members, accelerate your vision for the company, and incorporate effective ways to work together. During this course, you will learn our five-step process for building a dynamic culture.

Let's build your dream team

Your company culture is your strategic advantage. 

“CoCreate Work completely changed how our company operates. We are backed by a unified set of values and a culture that we designed from the ground up. Our experience with CoCreate impacted every level of leadership, helping us develop a well-defined, custom pathway towards success.”
Mel Carson
CEO - Delightful Communications

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